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Welcome to the website dedicated to Bluestacks, the fantastic Android emulator for PC.

What is Bluestacks?


Bluestacks is an Android Emulator for PC or Mac that is capable of running native Android applications from a PC. You just have to download, follow the instructions and everything will be fine.

Android has become today in the mobile operating system par excellence. This means that 3 out of 4 mobile devices use Android. This has brought thousands of applications to the market for this system, reaching a very large number and market share. These applications range from video games through work or entertainment applications to biometric or health applications. This has made many of the applications we have on the phone exclusive to Android and with this a new need has arisen: To use these applications on other devices that do not have this system, such as a Windows PC or a computer Mac.

This is why BlueStacks is here to stay. Well, it offers us the possibility of enjoying the experience we have with these applications but now from our computer. With which you can enjoy many games and apps that you always would have liked to have also on your PC.

Run Android with Bluestacks

As you can imagine, BlueStacks is a titanic work of engineering since the architecture and operating systems of an Android mobile and a PC are very different and getting a good result is very complicated. But not only does it get a good result, it is also a reference at the level of emulators, offering a product with a very good quality and polished to the last detail. That’s why millions of people already use BlueStacks on their laptops or desktops.

On this page we offer you the possibility of downloading Bluestacks 5 and we also offer you a Guide for Bluestacks explaining everything in detail so that you do not get lost in any case.

Description and characteristics

This emulator is a program that runs Android mobile applications and games in your browser in full screen, either on PC or Mac.

  • Environment and highly customizable user interface adjustable to your needs.
  • It allows you to play games, and use a keyboard and mouse.
  • Technical support is for multiple operating systems.
  • It is integrated with Google Play.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • You can install Android application icons on your desktop.
  • It allows to integrate software designed for PC.
  • It comes by default with the most important Android applications and games such as WhatsApp or Free Fire.
  • Supports Windows XP.

When BlueStacks is installed, it can be configured for social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, but it can also be configured to use Google Play, so you can enjoy your favorite applications and games on your mobile also on your computer!

Games for Bluestacks

This wonderful emulator allows us to run official games from the Google Play Store on our desktop device. We just have to download the emulator and create an account in the official store , to proceed to download any available game.

The compatibility is complete and the performance has been improved in this latest version to run plaintiffs Bluestacks Android games fluidly, reaching 60fps with relatively old machines. Which is an engineering-level achievement.

On this website we will offer you information about all those games that are exclusive to Android that do not exist on PC or desktop platforms, so you now have a much broader catalog for PC.

bluestacks games
Bluestacks games

Applications for Bluestacks

This software is not only capable of running games. As a good emulator, it is also capable of running any type of application designed for Android architecture. That means that you can now download and run any Android application on your PC, focusing especially on applications that do not exist for PC and that previously you could only use exclusively on mobile devices.

Being a highly optimized software, you will not have performance problems in any App and you will be able to enjoy the wide catalog offered by the Google play Store. So a path of possibilities opens up for your PC as well.

The process is simple, you just have to download Bluestacks and proceed with the installation. Once installed, enter from your Play Store account and download those applications that are of interest to you.

bluestacks apps
Bluestacks apps

Download Bluestacks

On this page you can download Bluestacks for both PC, Mac or Linux, although I recommend you read the full article which, in addition to the download links, includes essential information for installing the emulator, such as the requirements and characteristics for installing the emulator, as well as different tips. You have the download links available below: 

Download Bluestacks

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