BlueStacks review


Is BlueStacks the best Android emulator out there? Let’s answer that question by doing a review to the height. We know that Android emulators allow us to run applications and games from our PC or Mac even in full screen. Luckily there are several options besides Bluestacks like KoPlayer for Windows or Genymotion for Windows or Mac. And which one is the best? Let’s try to answer that question.

In terms of popularity it is undeniable that BlueStacks is the most popular emulator that exists, but the popularity is also gained by offering a quality product, which gives us an indication to be able to decide.

As we have said BlueStacks is the most popular emulator, but as any program is not perfect and some flaws that we will analyze.

Negative points

High system requirements to work: This emulator needs at least 2GB of RAM being the normal 4GB and 8GB recommended. You also need at least 9GB of disk space to store your system and applications, so your requirements are quite high.

Very simple android interface: The interface used by BlueStacks is Android 4.4.2 standard which actually is a bit sparse, but still meets our needs.

High Load time in games: No one can deny the perfect compatibility of BlueStacks with the most demanding games. They are perfectly optimized and that is appreciated. Although we can say that the loading time for each game is a little higher than we would like, including lightweight games.

Improved keyboard writing experience: One of the things to improve is the speed of response from the keyboard as the buttons react somewhat slow compared to what we would like.

Bugs to solve

  • The autorotation mode does not help in the emulator.
  • Playing in portrait mode does not work correctly. The screen is a landscape.
  • The processing time of images in instagram is very slow.
  • Gmail emails do not work smoothly.

Positive Points

High compatibility with apps: If there is something that you can not discuss to BlueStacks is that its compatibility with applications and games is very high, allowing to run almost any Android app on your PC. This is one of the reasons why BlueStacks is considered the best emulator that exists in Android.

Very stable: It’s complicated to have errors with applications since BlueStacks is a very stable system compared to other Android emulators.

Compatible with Mac and Windows: One of the things that can not boast all Android emulators is to be compatible for both platforms so it’s a plus point that we definitely need to keep in mind. Since it is compatible with Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 and all computers with OSX that meet the minimum requirements to operate.


To this day BlueStacks is the best Android emulator ever. Other products like Koplayer or Genymotion are more specialized in games. This makes the overall BlueStacks offer better compatibility than their competition and as their performance and stability are very good. Their negative points are not enough to consider any product of the competition better since these also have negative points.


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