Download KOPLAYER Emulator for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Download from this website the KoPlayer emulator for Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. KoPlayer is the alternative to BlueStacks software to run Android applications with your PC. Unlike what most people think KoPlayer is not a player cause its purpose is running Android applications on any Windows system. So you will able to use your favorite games and applications on your computer. The difference with Bluestacks is that this is specialized in games so if you consider yourself a gamer maybe that’s you are looking for.

It is based on a technology called VirtualBox with some light modifications like the mapping of keys for the tactile controls.

In the official web you have two versions, a stable and another beta to download but we always recommend the stable version because the beta version is not completely tested. Although from this page you can also download KoPlayer from the links you have below:

  • File name: koplayer-1.4.1055.exe
  • File size: 316 MB
  • Requeriments: Windows 7, Windows 8, de Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (Works in all versions)
  • License: freeware
  • Last update:  Jan 11 2017 (1.4.1055)
  • Developer: KOPLAYER Inc.
  • Official website:

How to install KoPlayer

Like BlueStacks, Koplayer’s installation is simple, but slow. You only have to download the installer, run it and follow the steps. The process will be practically automatic. When you have finished installing the virtual machine will starts in Android and you will some icons such as Google Play, FAQ, Browser, Gallery, Settings, Superuser, Music, Downloads, File Manager and Google Options.

To install any game you just have to open Google Play and start your session to find it and install it as if it were a mobile. In my case I opted to play Clash of Clans and believe me that it works perfectly.

Adjust controls

If your laptop has a touch screen you can control the game directly from the screen. Otherwise you can use the mouse on the touch buttons that appear on the screen. The problem is that’s not always enough and therefore we’ll need to configure the keyboard with key mapping where you can also configure the motion sensor simulation (G-sensor), mouse movements with a key (Slide) or special controls For FPS (Shooting games).

KoPlayer features

External devices support

For those who like to play with an external controller as a game controller you are lucky because KoPlayer is 100% compatible with these devices, this way you can play in a comfortable way your favorite Android games either with a remote or with an external device.

Compatible with most applications

In addition to games KoPlayer is compatible with most normal apps for Android so if you are also interested in running mobile applications on your PC you can do it without problems with KoPlayer, just download them from Google Play and start enjoying.

Supports full screen mode

Very useful especially for mobile applications that have been designed for full screen. We are always grateful to be able to run any Android application in full screen mode and enjoy a more immersive experience.

Multiple accounts support

If there are several people in your house, they will can use Android applications from their accounts, cause KoPLayer allows you to create more than one account for different users. You only have to create a new account if you are interested.


Koplayer is the perfect replacement for BlueStacks in what games are concerned and that’s why they complement each other very well. We have no preference for any because we prefer to bet on having both systems installed with the advantage that means due to both systems don’t have full compatibility with all applications, so we can always switch between systems when some fails.

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