Among Us on PC (Android application)


With this summary guide I will teach you how to run the Android game Among Us on PC with the precise instructions you need to do it.

What is Among US?

Among Us is a very popular game of party multiplayer genre, created in 2018 by the American company InnerSloth LLC and developed with the Unity graphics engine . Developed for IOS, Android, PC and next generation consoles.

It is one of the most downloaded video games in history due to its original proposal, its graphic creativity and its fun.

The story is very simple, and it is set in a space environment, generally in a ship, where its crew members have to supervise the correct operation of all systems.

Inside the ship there are impostors who try to boycott the mission and our goal is to discover and kill them.

Crew your spaceship

Among Us allows you to play from 4 to 15 players, and the host decides how many impostors there will be and who they will be. These are in charge of sabotaging the game and killing our crew without being discovered.

If we are part of the crew our mission is to carry out maintenance tasks on the ship and discover the impostors before it is too late and the ship does not reach its destination. But if we are impostors, our objective will be to boycott the ship so that it does not fulfill its mission.

You will have to explore the halls and cabins of the huge ship and fulfill your objective as a loyal crew member or treacherous impostor. Live your own space suspense adventure.

From time to time there are murders by impostors, and when a crew member finds a corpse, a voting window opens for everyone where they can discuss who the impostor is , and reach an agreement to vote. But the impostor can be the one who lies to try to get free, so we must be clever not to throw the wrong person from the ship, if we want to win the game.

There are 4 maps available: Inside a ship (The Skeld), in a space station (Mira HQ), In a research base (Polus), and in an airship (Airship).

The success of Among Us

One of the reasons why this video game is so successful is its incredible funAmong Us does not display great graphics or impressive details, as its style is simplistic.

Among Us on PC
Among Us on PC

The key to this game is its playable mechanics that will absorb you until you spend hours enjoying yourself in space, facing a multitude of mysteries, exploring the unknown or experiencing moments of intrigue.

You can play in offline mode or with up to 15 players in multiplayer mode, but this mode is the star of the game, and where you are really going to have fun.

Among Us Features

  • Free (with microtransactions).
  • Up to 15 players.
  • Genre of action and spatial suspense.
  • Two roles (crew member or impostor).
  • 4 maps available.
  • Great community.
  • 2 game modes (offline and multiplayer).
  • Simple 2D graphics (low requirements).
  • Simple controls.

Is there Among Us for PC?

There is a version of Among Us for PC Windows. But if you are here is because you wanna install the mobile version. So If you wanna play the Android version I recommend you to download Bluestacks from this page to play the Android Among Us on PC. Just follow the next steps.

Steps to download and play the app of Among Us on PC

  • Download and install BlueStacks  on your PC.
  • Complete the login for accessing Google Play Store, or do it later.
  • Search Among Us in the search bar in the upper right corner and install it.
  • Complete the Google login (if you skipped step 2) to install Among Us.
  • Click the Among Us icon on the Bluestacks home screen to start playing.
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Among Us on PC (Android application)


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