Dragonary on PC (from Android)


In this post I am going to show you how to install the Android version of Dragonary on PC so that you can enjoy this wonderful NFT world on your computer.

Make a living playing

Dragonary is a very successful NFT video game that has been developed by Coinary LTD. The game is based on the concept “play to earn” where he is rewarded with criptocurrencies to play. That means you can earn rewards in the form of a Token simply for playing it. If you want to have income while you play, this is your chance.

Get dragons and build your team

To compete in the story mode in PVP or PVE you need a team of at least 3 dragons and a maximum of 5 dragons . But unlike Axie Infinity, the game provides you with a free team of 3 common dragons.

Each dragon belongs to one of the  7 different classes of dragons , (fire, earth, air, water, plant, thunder and ice). And depending on the general level of the dragon this can be Common (up to level 20), Uncommon (up to level 40), Rare (up to level 60), Epic (up to level 80), Legendary / Mythical (up to level 100).

As in any RPG, these guys have different shield, speed, and health characteristics. But dragons evolve level up to the maximum allowed by their level. This means that with the free dragons in the game you can upgrade them to level 20. But the baby dragons will have a higher level than their parents and may have an even higher class.

To acquire your first dragons you will not need to buy them and that means that anyone can start for free  and earn money playing without investing any initial capital. But to acquire higher level dragons you can buy them through its marketplace by paying a number of tokens. Once you complete the payment, your dragons will appear in your nest and you will only have to wait for the eggs to hatch.

You will start playing in the story mode to level up your dragons, since it does not use energy. But if we want to earn income then we must play in embers mode. This does consume 10 energy points for each battle. But it will reward us with Obsidian and Sparkes of each type if we are victorious.

If we achieve the daily objective, then we will receive a reward in CYT (Coinary Token) that will be used to breed or fuse dragons. But we can also exchange our tokens later for others, in all exchanges that have CYT. The daily benefit  is 1000 obsidians, although you can also collect in other modes such as arena, or also acquire more CYT through your account in Coinary Hub.

The required playing time is about 20 minutes a day, which is gradually decreasing because as we have better dragons, the fights the embers resolve faster.

Breed Dragons and evolve them

You can reproduce your dragons to have more dragons. Although this costs embers and cyt, which increases as your dragon has more hatchlings. Embers are achieved by fusing 5 sparkes of the same type in the smithy. The most economical option is to breed 2 dragons with breed 0 (which have not had any offspring yet). The first hatchling for two level 20 dragons currently costs 5 CYT and 1 ember. But these amounts are subsequently increasing depending on the level of the dragon. That is why it is important to evaluate how many times it is profitable to breed.

When you pay the commissions you will start to raise your dragon, and an egg will hatch that takes a while to hatch, depending on the type. Once the creature is born you can add it to your team for battles or sell directly on the marketplace. Everything will depend on your strategy.

The most important thing to advance in the game with less cost, is to learn how the breeding algorithm works. The better the parents, the better the offspring will be and therefore it is essential to have parents with the best possible score, although that implies a greater investment in time or money. But it is important to think about it, because that extra score can be well priced in the marketplace.

Invest in your tokens

In addition to the option to earn by raising dragons, you can also choose to invest in the Dragonary token. This is normally used to pay commissions when we breed or fuse dragons, but it can also be invested in it. You can buy CYT (Coinary Token) from your Coinary Hub account through Metamask and decentralized applications, which you can hold or staking.

Dragonary Features

  • Paid game for earning obsidian.
  • Marketplace to buying and selling dragons.
  • 7 different kinds of dragons.
  • Accessories for dragons.
  • No taxes
  • No initial investment is necessary.
  • Breeding dragons.
  • Rare, Epic, or Legendary Dragon Collectibles.


Steps to download and play the app of Dragonary on PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Download Dragonary for Android.
  3. Enter Bluestacks and install the application you have downloaded.
  4. Create a Coinary hub account.
  5. Click on the App to start.

Download BlueStacks

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Dragonary on PC (from Android)



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