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On this page you can download Bluestacks for PC, an improved version of the Android emulator for PC. If you are visiting this page it is because you have heard about this emulator for PC.

Well, BlueStacks 5 is an improved version of this well-known software which includes new options and improved features, remember that the early versions failed in the compatibility with many applications and games that seem to have been solved with this new version. Now let’s make the most of our games and apps squeezing to the maximum BlueStacks.

Sure you are impatient, but do not worry because you have the links just below.

Install requeriments for BlueStacks for PC

  • Be admin of our PC.
  • 4GB of RAM memory.
  • 5GB of free hard drive disk space (9GB recommended).
  • Graphics card drivers updated.

Features of BlueStacks 5

Compatible with most Android apps

The compatibility achieved in BlueStack 5 is very high so you will be able to run any application or game without problems. To install them all you have to do is login into your Google Play account and start downloading. Although you also have the option to download the application from third parties (APK).

Supports full screen mode

We don’t need to enter so much in details but this feature is very important in an emulator because it allows us to enjoy the experience to full screen mode. This is an advantage especially if you want to use BlueStacks 5 for games.

download bluestacks for PC
Download Bluestacks for PC

Intuitive interface

Being an Android interface won’t be difficult to use because most of you already know it. The applications run exactly the same as in a terminal so you won’t have any problems. We specially recommend in this case configure key mapping and external devices.

Android with PC performance

Considering that a PC has a performance far superior to a mobile device we can achieve fluency and performance never seen. So if you like to play also I recommend it without a doubt.

Possibility to synchronize with PC

Mediante CloudConnect you will be able to synchronize your data with your Android phone, which will be of enormous help to you.

Bluestacks 5 improvements

  • Up to 50% less RAM usage.
  • Improves loading time (up to 50% faster).
  • Reduced CPU consumption.
  • Multitasking efficiency by 87% CPU and 97% GPU.
  • Greater stability in the FPS.
  • Privacy enhancements.

Installing BlueStacks for PC

The first thing you must to do is download Bluestacks for PC, uninstall (if you have one) the older version of BlueStacks and update the your graphic card drivers. Once this is done the installation process is simple.

If you have a laptop I recommend that you first plug it into the power supply because the installation may require a lot of CPU resources and it’s not recommended to install Bluestacks 5 with the energy saving mode activated.

Once you start to install you only have to follow the steps and everything will be installed correctly so you should not have any problems. Once this is done you will only have to start BlueStacks 5 and start enjoying.

Download BlueStacks for PC with Windows

  • TítleBlueStacks App Player 5.4
  • File name: BlueStacksInstaller_5.4.100.1026_native.exe
  • File size1.1MB (1,190,024 bytes)
  • Requeriments: Windows 7, Windows 8, de Windows 10, Windows 11 (Works in all versions)
  • Languages: Multiple languages
  • Licence: Freeware
  • Last update: November 25 2021
  • Developer: Bluestack Systems Inc.
  • Official website:

Download BlueStacks for PC Latest 5.4


After many tests in the lab we can say that BlueStacks 5 is the best Android emulator for PC and above we can download it for free. An essential option if we want to run our games or apps with the best emulation software.

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Download BlueStacks for PC


  1. Bluestacks 4 is great. I have a bad wifi on the phone and i cant connect my WIFI cable to it. So i searched up mobile games on pc and came across this. I downloaded it and now i can play my mobile games without any lags.


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