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In case you didn’t know, there is a way to run native Android applications from your desktop with a few simple steps. In this article I will show you how to install Prisma for PC with a few clicks, so don’t miss it!

What is Prisma?

Prisma is a mobile application created in 2016 by Alexey Moiseenkov, Oleg Poyaganov, Ilya Frolov, Andrey Usoltsev and Aram Hardy to turn your photographs into works of art.

The app processes through an artificial intelligence based on neural networks to create artistic effects on any photograph, turning it into a painting, giving it a touch of antiquity, or completely changing the lines, or offering an animated approach (among many others).

The Prisma library adds a new filter every day, which has become the app with the largest collection of existing artistic filters, and one of the most downloaded for both IOS and Android.

With all these filters you can make your photos look like paintings by Dalí, Van Gogh or Picasso, and many other filters by famous painters that have already been included and that can offer very interesting results.

How does Prisma work?

The operation is simple, but not for that simple. The user selects the photo, which is sent to the Prisma Labs servers, where the corresponding neural network (trained for this effect) is processed through different layers and recreating the image (instead of simply inserting a layer in the image) .

All of this technology is based on machine learning NIPS (Neural Information Processing) systems, which use neural-style transfer algorithms. A technology developed before prism and independently by Stanford University.

The result of the processing is sent back to the user who can then apply contrast, brightness, exposure and sharpness changes in enhance mode.

Prisma for PC
Prisma for PC

In the past, applying these filters had a considerable delay since the photo was always analyzed regardless of the filter. But this has changed and now each uploaded photo is analyzed only once, optimizing the result times considerably.

Prisma allows you to share your creations with the community. Since prisma has a wall where the community’s creations are displayed. And it has a social network to add and chat with other users.

The results offered by the app are simply impressive, so much so that it has been selected by google editors as one of the best Android apps.

You can see many examples of artistic images created with Prisma on their official instagram account . Some of them are authentic works of art worthy of the creation of a distinguished artist.

In short, Prisma is a spectacular application that transforms our photos to give them an artistic character that takes them to another level. A level where only AI can take us, and where there is so much way to explore.

Prisma Features

  • Based on artificial intelligence.
  • Huge filter library (updated daily).
  • Possibility to modify both the foreground and the background separately.
  • Possibility of changing the frames.
  • Composition sharing functionality.
  • It has a social network.
  • It’s free, but it has a paid version.

Does Prisma for PC exist?

The main problem is that Prisma for PC is not available and there are only versions for mobile devices through the Play Store or App Store, since it has been developed for a mobile development environment, so if you are interested in installing Prisma in PC you need an Android emulator like Bluestacks to install it, just follow the steps that I am going to give you below.

Steps to download and install Prisma on PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Complete the Google login to access the Play Store, or do it later.
  3. Search for Prisma in the search bar in the upper right corner and install it.
  4. Complete the Google login (if you skipped step 2) to install Prisma.
  5. Click on the Prisma icon on the Bluestacks home screen to start the app.
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