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Messenger or Facebook Messenger is the Facebook chat application separate from the main Facebook application. It was launched in 2008 and is the chat functionality, separated into an application designed for users to use both.

Messenger is used to send messages between users of the platform, but also voice calls, and even individual or group video calls of up to 50 people. It has an application for Android that integrates SMS.

Among the functionalities we have the possibility of adding emojis , mentioning a user with @ and allowing company chat, being able to even send information to customers through it. It has a feature called Messenger Day to post stories that disappear after 24 hours.

Another interesting feature is the ability to chat with your Instagram contacts where you can open a private one or call them. But also the possibility of using an ephemeral mode where conversations are deleted once we exit the application.

Messenger has a functionality that includes games that are added to the platform. But you can also make purchasessend money, or request transportation if you live in the United States.

But in addition, the application also has an API to program chat bots, to give newsmake paymentsmake reservations or suggest relevant actions for a series of keywords. Bots have also been included in group chats, and even a special section to search for a specific bot.

Is Messenger safe?

The application has billions of users where most already use Facebook, making it one of the most used and downloaded applications in the world. That does not mean that we can ask ourselves if it is safe.

To begin with, the privacy settings have been improved and now we can choose who can communicate with you and where your messages are delivered.

Messenger offers end-to-end encryption to increase the security of your conversations, although as you already know, Facebook has had some problems with privacy, so although it is a secure application, it does not guarantee that it will preserve your data outside the market of buy and sell.

Messenger for PC

To have Messenger on your PC You have 3 options, the first is accessed from the web browser and enter the chat from the website of Facebook. The other option is to download the application for PC or Mac which has all the functionalities of the mobile version. But if you want to run the native version of Android you need to use the Bluestacks application. To install Messenger for PC or Mac follow the instructions that I am going to give you.

Messenger Features

  • It is free.
  • Messages, calls, video calls, group video calls (rooms).
  • Sending files, photos, videos and location.
  • Sending Stickers, Emojis and GIFS.
  • Sending surveys.
  • Allows the sending of voice and video messages.
  • Ephemeral mode.
  • Integrates with Instagram.
  • Organization of events.
  • Privacy settings.
  • Dark mode.
  • Personalization themes.
  • Function to watch videos, programs, etc. together
  • Possibility of sending money (US only).
  • It has a web version.
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