Axie Infinity on PC (Android application)


In this complete article I am going to teach you how to install and run the Play Store game Axie Infinity on PC in the best possible way

Make a living playing

Welcome to Axie Infinity. The first successful NFT video game that combines cryptocurrencies with gaming. Developed by Sky Mavis is a “play to earn” trading and fighting video game in which you can win cryptocurrencies by playing, and you will not have the option to lose. If you want to get paid to play a video game, this is your winning horse.

Buy your axies and build your team

In order to play Axie Infinity either in PVE or PVP you need a team of 3 axies. For this you have 6 different kinds of axies, (aquatic, birds, reptils, plants, beasts and bugs) and 3 special ones (mech, dust and down).

It is usually recommended to have a balanced team, this is a combination of Bird, Plant and Beast. But it is also valid Reptile, Aquatic and Bug. The most important thing is that each axie has good cards to be able to combine them and good purity to have better characteristics within its class.

To acquire your first axies you will need to buy them and pay the necessary amount of Ethereum from your Metamask (the standard wallet) to Ronin (your own wallet). Once you complete the payment, your axies will appear in your inventory and if you have at least 3 you can enter to compete in the story mode or in the arena.

Once you have all 3 axies, you can start playing the story mode to earn money. Any battle is rewarded with SLP Potions (Smooth Love Potion) which we can later exchange for other cryptocurrencies as if it were a job. The daily win limit is 150 slp, but you can win other rewards in the arena mode, and also acquire AXS (the official currency of axie infinity) if you are in the top player ranking.

To win that daily prize you need to play an average of 6 hours a day, which are reduced because as we advance in the story mode the rewards are higher, and we can repeat missions that pay better. In addition, our axies will level up so you will win a higher percentage of battles. So you can reduce that time to about half an hour a day.

Breed Axies and sell them

Although if you have already acquired your first axies, you can reproduce them to have more axies. Because each axie can breed up to 7 times. Although raising them has a cost in potions and slp, which increases as your axie has more young.

The most economical is to breed 2 axies that have not had young yet (breed 0) where the first breed currently costs 300 slp and 4 axs. And then these amounts increase until they are really high. So you have to evaluate even when it is profitable to breed them.

Once you pay those commissions and raise the axies, an egg will appear that takes 5 days to hatch. And that once it does, we can use it for battles or to sell on the marketplace. Although you can also sell the egg before the baby hatches and make a profit.

The key to profitability breeding is learning how genetics and the cards work to get the best offspring. For that, you must get parents with the best possible genetics, although that means spending more money. But good genetics will make those offspring highly valued in the market.

Invest in your tokens

But if you are not much to play or raise, you can also invest in Axie Infinity. There are 2 tokens available (AXS and SLP) for purchase from exchanges such as Binance or Uniswap, which you can purchase to save or staking. The AXS is the main currency of the project, which also serves to pay commissions to raise axies. Instead the SLP (Smooth Love Potion) is the daily reward that the players receive (150 slp), which is also necessary to breed the axies as you have already seen.

Get a scholarship!

Due to the high price of axies that are really good for the battle, scholarships are created for people who do not have the financial capacity to acquire a suitable equipment. With these scholarships you can have a competitive team that you could not access with your resources and play for a profit in exchange for sharing it with the person who offers you the scholarship. The percentage paid to the fellow is usually 50%.

If you need more information to acquire a scholarship write your email in the comments.

Axie Infinity Features

  • Paid game for winning battles.
  • Profitability through the purchase and sale of axies in the market.
  • 6 different unique axie classes + 3 specials
  • Breeding axies Land and objects to obtain profitability.
  • Collecting mystical axies, origins or MEO.


Steps to download and play the app of Axie Infinity on PC

  1. Download Metamask in your Google Chrome browser, and create a wallet.
  2. Download Ronin in your Google Chrome browser, and create a wallet.
  3. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  4. Download Axie Infinity for Android.
  5. Enter Bluestacks and install the application you have downloaded.
  6. Click on the App to start.
  7. Associate your Ronin and Metamask wallet with the game.

Download BlueStacks

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Axie Infinity on PC (Android application)


  1. I installed bluestack on my windows 10 and install axie infinity but when i open axie infinity i occure Error 114,
    help me plz,
    any solution?


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